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it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

it’s that time of the year!

Here we go again, Christmas lights are going up, it’s a winter wonderland in the front yard and the kids are getting really excited for this year’s tree. It’s the time of the year when you forget all your problems for a moment and just take the time to embrace the little things in life, like watching the snow through the window or enjoying a nice chocolate croissant with a hot coco in a cozy sweater. It’s the time to be happy and grateful for the amazing and joyful year that is about to end. We hope you’ve been good, we heard Santa has already made his list and he’ll start double checking soon. Also, it’s never too early to start brainstorming about your desired gifts!

this year, we’re going to make your festive season with family even better!

As of all you know, we have a tendency to love food and especially delicious meals. This is why this year, for Christmas, we have a very special gift for all of you foodies. We’ve decided to bring to you, in the span of one article, the best pairings that go with our brioche family (and crêpes of course)!

To start off, the best (in our opinion), the authentic hand braided. With this delicious french brioche bread the best spread you can have is definitely chocolate (in case you didn’t notice, we tend to have a sweet tooth), but you can also have it plain right out of the oven and it will still be amazingly tasty!


The next one on the list is (of course) the sliced brioche. This one has a particular touch, it’s already sliced! Use this to your advantage and create savory sandwiches. The first one that pops into your mind must be the classic grilled cheese, but we made it even better and added some roasted vegetables. These colors really brought out the taste of each ingredient and made the sandwich even more appetizing!


Have you ever tried our soft baguette? The texture is softer than an actual baguette (yes, it’s in the name) but it’s very flavorful when combined with the right ingredients. Our recommendation for you on this one is clearly the classic “jambon-fromage” as we call it in France. It means ham and cheese, but it’s not only ham and cheese. Usually there’s a thin layer of butter, a leaf (or more) of lettuce, the ham and then the cheese. When you mix these 4 ingredients the right way, with the right bread, it becomes the best sandwich ever!


Here’s another yummy one that lets you be creative with your cooking. The brioche burger bun. With this one it’s very easy to make something delicious out of it. It’s a brioche bun (the name speaks for itself). Whatever you put on it, it will be delicious. Our suggestion is the gourmet burger, not a classical burger. It’s called the salmon burgerand it’s made with love and delicacy.

Our following recommendation is for our brioche hot dog buns. The tastiest recipe we have for you is clearly the one with grilled mushrooms. We had the mushrooms grilled on a plancha with butter and then we added them as a topping of the classic hot dog (but careful, no ketchup and no mayo).

The last on the list for the brioche family is the brioche rolls. Small, easy to eat, yet super tasteful. If there is one thing you need to eat with those it’s milk chocolate. You stick the pieces of chocolate in in the roll and eat as is. It’s pure, it’s simple, it’s delicious!



let’s not forget the crêpes…

The best recommendation on the list for the plain butter crêpes is clearly the caramelized apple crêpe cones. Freshly picked apples from the orchard, caramelized into a dessert with a buttery crêpe. Nothing better to impress family and friends!

As for the crêpes to go, chocolate, strawberry, crunchy caramel and chocolate, the recommendation is as follows. You can eat them at any time of the day, they will always boost your moral!

For our final words of this recap on the best pairings of the year, we would like to wish you all a very merry and jolly Christmas with your family and friends! We hope you enjoyed and we hope that you will cook deliciousness for your loved ones.

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