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the best snacks to buy online!

the best snacks to buy online!

For those of you who’ve been wondering what are the best snacks you can buy online and have delivered straight to your doorstep, here’s your answer!

After long hours of exploring the big and complex world that is the web, going through every possible option, we’ve settled on this one website called bakerly. Well yes, that is our website! As a reader of the baker’s journal, you should be proud that it’s your favorite website we’re talking about!

what can we deliver to your doorstep you ask?

Not to worry we have an answer for that! As you may already know, we provide you with the tastiest snacks of the world, crêpes to go, French pancakes to go and chocolate croissants (to be honest, it’s probably why you’re reading this article). Our happy co founders made it their mission to bring you the best crêpes and brioche across America. With this in mind, we made a website that is user friendly and easy to order from. Now you can head over to your favorite product’s page, whether it is crêpes to go, ready to eat pancakes, chocolate croissants, or even variety packs, and order to satisfy your taste buds!

our new French pancakes to go

Our latest member of the bakerly family! They are the newest and tastiest ready to eat French pancakes you will ever try. Actually, they are the first shelf stable pancakes in the US, isn’t that awesome? They have a hint of sweetness which completes their soft cakey texture. Honestly, your life will be turned upside down as soon as you try them. The hint of sweetness lets you eat them plain without any sort of topping! It's the perfect snack to bring along on a busy day (in a lunch box, in a backpack, or anywhere else). The idea that you will be having a French pancake to go as a snack during the day will make your taste buds extremely happy!

If you’re wondering: “what is a French pancake?”, click here.

the most famous of all: the crêpes to go

You all know our crêpes to go! They’ve been around for a while now. In fact, they’ve become the most famous snacks to have on the go! They come in packs of six and in four different flavors! Let’s see which one is your favorite.
First off there’s the chocolate hazelnut filled, now these are THE most famous! Their chocolate filling with that hint of hazelnut is just superb! If you ask us, we could eat them all day without stopping. The second flavor is (of course) the strawberry jam filled. These crêpes are filled with real strawberry jam. No fake stuff, just real strawberry jam rolled in an authentic French crêpe. This is probably the most delicate of all four crêpes. Our third and fourth flavors are most likely going to blow your minds! They’re crunchy, one is with chocolate (filled with hazelnut chocolate and lined with crunchy cereal puffs) and the other with caramel (filled with caramel and lined with crunchy cereal puffs). There’s no real way to describe them, other than the fact that they are amazingly delicious, so you’ll just have to try them out yourself!

the tasty chocolate croissants

Have you ever taken a bite into a fresh chocolate croissants? Well today is your day. Here's why you should definitely try them out! For starters, they're individually wrapped, so you're ready for any type of adventure. Also, for those of you who already tried these chocolate wonders, you know that when that chocolate melts in your mouth, it is the most amazing feeling ever! If you're interested in getting yourself a pack of these goodies, you can click here.

our variety packs

Finally, if you’re really undecided and can’t choose between one or the other, or simply because you like them all, we’ve come up with different combinations of variety packs. If you have suggestions on specific variety packs you would like to see on our online store, you’re more than welcome to leave us a comment! We’ll be happy to send your way a box of deliciousness!

quick links to your favorites

Our new French pancakes to go

The most famous of all: the crêpes to go

The tasty chocolate croissants

Our variety packs



In addition to all this tastiness and deliciousness, did you know that our products have one of the shortest lists of ingredients? They're also free of any type of GMO, they have no artificial flavors and most importantly, they have no high fructose corn syrup!

Now that you know all of this, head over to your favorite product page and enjoy the deliciousness! 

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