what makes French brioche different from most breads?

what makes French brioche different from most breads? | bakerly

For those of you that have been following the delicious story of French brioche, you may be starting to understand what makes it so special! We’ve established by now that brioche is a French pastry that resembles to bread, but that it’s made with milk, butter, and eggs (pretty tasty right?). Well, in addition to these three ingredients, brioche has brought people together for centuries. Whether it’s the family, friends, or even the love of your life!

family & friendly moments that last

As we write this article for you, it is currently the season of loving, sharing and caring. The season that for decades has brought families & friends together and paused so many arguments because being together is so much more important than arguing about who was right back in 1960 (most of the time they don’t even remember what they were arguing about, that’s funny). With Thanksgiving as a preview of the joyful holiday season that awaits, everybody is excited to come together!
Let’s put you in the setting. This year for Thanksgiving you decided to invite your friends and family to come and enjoy a nice Turkey. You’re extremely excited, since it’s your first time hosting Thanksgiving. In the recipe you prepared, you need a soft and buttery bread to go with the meal. Luckily for you, the other day at work you heard a coworker speaking of French brioche. Saying that this buttery bread had a secret power. The power of bringing people together. Here’s why your coworker is right. When you bring out a fresh hand braided brioche on the dinner table, all conversations stop, all eyes turn towards the breadbasket and whatever is going on is replaced with a synchronized gasp from everybody. Your friends and family are astounded by such a good looking loaf of bread! It’s not every day that they get to try such a special bread. (Side note, we heard that the Turkey filling on a slice of toasted hand braided brioche is pretty awesome; now back to the story.) French brioche has this soft and buttery touch that no other bread will have, that's what makes it so special. To finish this short story, after trying this fresh and tasty brioche, your family and friends decided that they would set up camp in your house and never leave. The brioche bread was too good and bringing your family and friends together was a success! 

impress your crush


You know that crush at the end of the street? The one that you’ve been wanting to ask out but never had the courage to… You both caught each other’s attention and you know there’s something, but you never really spoke to each other… With this master technique, you’ll get a yes right away!
Here’s what you’re going to do. First of all, you need some chocolate chip brioche rolls. There’s a thing with chocolate, it’s cute and romantic. Step two, you need to find a very nice bouquet of flowers. Step three (and this is the most complicated step), you need to actually walk up to your crush. Prep yourself, you have the flowers, you have the delicious brioche chocolate chip rolls, everything will go as planned. Step four, let the French brioche do its thing. Amazingly, flirting with brioche has never been easier! Brioche and chocolate have the power of making two people fall in love with each other. Now, if your crush is a foodie, they probably know about the magic brioche trick, so you need to be even more creative. If that’s the case, then you need to cook something romantic with that brioche. Go through the list of yummy recipes, you will most likely find one that you know your crush will like! Cook and then go up to their house and offer the food as a friendly neighbor. Let your amazing cooking skills do the rest!

No one knows where it comes from, but French brioche does have a magic power. It’s like everything around you stops and the only thing that matters is the world that is sharing the tasty and buttery brioche bread with you. French brioche brings people together, whether it’s your family, your friends or even the love of your life!

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