supporting EFAM with Kermesse!

supporting EFAM with Kermesse! | bakerly

what is the French American School of Miami?

It's just that! The French American School of Miami, or L'école Franco-Américaine de Miami (EFAM) in French, is a secular private school with two South Florida campuses; a Coral Gables campus in the south of the city and a Miami Shores campus in the north. Established in 1995, EFAM aims to meet the educational needs of French, Francophone (someone who speaks French but isn't necessarily from France), and Francophile (someone possessing a strong interest in or admiration of French culture) children in the South Florida community. One item of note is that EFAM was the first school in Florida to provide "immersion instruction in accordance with the official instructions of the French Ministry of Education," according to their website.
The school provides an integrated English curriculum to over 200 students, ranging from three-year-old preschoolers to students in the 5th grade. Through their French immersion program, EFAM boasts high academic standards to their multicultural community while working to expand minds, broaden perspectives, and lay the foundation for success in communities across the globe.

what is "kermesse?"

kermesse is originally a Dutch word that has since been borrowed in the English and French dictionaries. A kermesse is essentially a festival featuring dancing, food, games, and various sport activities. The EFAM Kermesse is organized by the EFAM Parent's Club and celebrates the end of the school year with refreshments and carnival games. The Parent's Club, like many other parent organizations, sets up various activities throughout the school year to provide enriched learning experiences for students in addition to organizing fundraisers for the school.