supporting francophonie at Sunset Elementary

supporting francophonie at Sunset Elementary | bakerly

😊 we were so happy to be a part of Sunset Elementary School's "francophonie" celebration of French culture! 🎉 it was a pleasure to see how much the students loved our chocolate croissants! 😋
🇨🇵 c'est si bon !


In honor of francophonie, or the celebration of French culture, bakerly was pleased to provide chocolate croissants to students at Sunset Elementary School in South Miami, Fl.!

About Francophonie

This “journée de la francophonie” finds a particular echo in Florida, where French is officially the third language due to the historical relevance of the French, Haitian, and Canadian communities.

About the French program at Sunset Elementary School

Sunset Elementary School places an importance on the integration of global awareness into their unique international-oriented curriculum. Teachers make a point to focus on building global connections within each subject area throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to investigate the world, consider diverse perspectives, communicate ideas, take meaningful action, and make a difference in their world. Such international-oriented education is an integral part of the curriculum and is incorporated throughout the school day. As part of this curriculum, students connect with international students in foreign countries and engage in various projects and activities. Additionally, Sunset students read publications from abroad, compare literature and poetry from various countries, compare art and music of different cultures, learn folk dances from other nations, prepare recipes, sample ethnic food, visit cultural performances by foreign artists, dramatize folk customs, and play foreign games. The aim is for students to grow into international thinkers while appreciating the differences present across customs, cultures, and educational settings.

As part of Sunset's French International Studies Magnet Program, first-grade through fifth-grade students receive two and a half hours of official French curriculum sanctioned by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs daily. The program, which carries the LabelFrancÉducation seal of quality for bilingual education, promotes outstanding education in French among students and parents.

About FIPA

What is FIPA? FIPA is the French International Program Association and serves to enhance the French International Studies Program in five of Miami's public schools. FIPA was founded a quarter of a century ago after a decision by the Miami-Dade County Public Schools that paved the way for the introduction of bilingual programs in Miami's elementary schools, including (of course) French. FIPA supports the FISP by donating to the member schools, training faculty, supporting related teacher expenses, promoting French culture through the purchase of associated materials (books, clubs, francophonie), assisting in teacher recruitment, and organizing French-related off-campus events.