the best chocolate brioche bread pudding!

the best chocolate brioche bread pudding! | bakerly

What is The Foreign Fork?

It's simply the most creative food blog on the internet! Alexandria, the head chef, started it as a passion project. During a backpacking experience through Europe, she discovered numerous types of foods. Her love for food was about using it as a way to learn and experience. "Food in itself is good. But it’s the tradition, the history, the culture, and the passion behind the preparation that makes it GREAT." Following her tour of Europe, she created The Foreign Fork food blog to share her love of experiencing cultures through food.

Our buttery brioche meets The Foreign Fork’s talent

It was love at first sight for Alexandria and our chocolate chip brioche rolls! Even before receiving our delicious products, she knew exactly what she wanted to do with them: the perfect bread pudding. A simple, quick and tasty recipe well deserved for all foodies! Just looking at pictures of this recipe makes you drool of envy. Follow this link and head over to the Foreign Fork blog to try this deliciousness!



If you want to experience the tastiness of the chocolate chip brioche rolls, follow this delicious link

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