what is a pizza brioche open sandwich and how to make one?

what is a pizza brioche open sandwich and how to make one? | bakerly

It’s time for a little history lesson about how the pizza brioche open sandwich came to exist. Yes, you read properly, today we’re talking about the pizza brioche open sandwich. We can already imagine your faces: “what is a pizza brioche open sandwich?”; “who invented it?”; “how is it made?”; so many questions deserve so many answers. Not to worry, we will cover all you need to know before you start the journey of making one yourself.

what is this “sandwich”?

To be blunt, it is probably one of the tastiest brioche sandwiches you will ever be faced with. It has such a savory flavor that you have to try it once in your life. Some brioche aficionados would say that it’s a once in a lifetime experience of tastiness. Anyway, so what is it exactly? Well, the name kind of speaks for itself, it’s a pizza sandwich, but it’s a bit more intricate than that. In this case, what brings out the real flavor is the buttery taste of sliced brioche from bakerly. The pizza brioche open sandwich is nothing more than a mix between two of the most savory cultures in the world; the French and Italians.

who invented this astonishing piece of sustenance?

First of all, you have to know that the pizza open sandwich is not new. It’s been around for a couple of years, about a century to be precise. Yeah, it’s been around for a while; so how did it all start?

Do you remember Professor Burger from the love story of burgers and shakes? Well, after hours of research we discovered that he had a really good pizzaiolo friend in Italy. You probably guessed where this is going, but after years of constantly hanging out together and eating amazing foods from each other’s cultures, they decided to unite their savoir-faire. You may ask what does Professor Burger have to do with this story? Well, considering that he is the original inventor of the burger recipe and that a burger is technically a sandwich, he has everything to do with this story!

It was on a late Thursday afternoon that Professor Burger and his friend Enzo were chatting over coffee in Florence and they were discussing the delicacies of their countries, when all of a sudden, they both gasped. They realized then and there that they NEEDED to create something AMAZING! With Professor Burger’s experience in sandwich building and Enzo’s mastering of the art of pizza making, their respective expertise was the perfect match!

Out of their little coffee date came out a delicious creation that we now call the brioche pizza open sandwich. Like a pizza, there are many toppings that you can add to it, but the basic one is always the goodol’ margherita brioche pizza open sandwich. Nothing beats a classic, except another classic: the pepperoni brioche pizza open sandwich! The possibilities with a pizza are infinite and that’s why Professor Burger and Enzo agreed on the name brioche pizza open sandwich.

a long-awaited-for question: how is it made?

The brioche pizza open sandwich is made by combining the savoir-faire of brioche and pizza making. This means that you prepare your open sandwich and then you toast/bake it in the oven. If you think about it, it’s pretty simple and easy to achieve, however, there’s a catch. Brioche bread is a French delicacy that is indeed, delicate. This means that when you put French brioche in an oven you need to be on its back to monitor the progress. It is SOOO simple to burn this type of bread (you have no idea how often it happens). Ask Professor Burger if you don’t believe us, but he will most likely be of the same opinion. To make the explanation of how it is made clearer we went ahead and created a recipe for you. All you have to do is follow this link (add the link to the recipe here) and you will have access to all the knowledge of our two friends.

bon appétit!

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the brioche pizza open sandwich and we truly hope that you will like it. If you do, don’t hesitate to leave your comments down below or tag us @bakerlyusa in your Instagram pictures.

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