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boost your burger with the best bun: brioche

boost your burger with the best bun: brioche

what is the best bun? it’s brioche!

We took an American classic and paired it with a French hallmark. Get ready for the best burger bun…brioche!
Savoir-faire, our artisan bakers know the ins and outs of brioche bread baking. That comes in handy when following the unique and rigorous baking process necessary to make brioche. For more information on the history of brioche, take a look at this interesting article.

new age burgers means new age buns

what do we mean?

One new trend sweeping across the world is the craft burger. You’ve probably seen them while out to eat with the family. What does the gourmet burger trend look like? Standard toppings are being passed over for more unconventional toppings like guacamole or a fried egg. Garnishes never thought of as burger toppings in years past can now be found almost everywhere. Even fast-food joints are catching on and releasing their own take on the craft craze. Skimpy and wilted shredded lettuce, flat-top grilled patties, American cheese, and white bread buns are being replaced by farm-fresh mixed greens, flame-grilled grass-fed beef, sharp Wisconsin cheddar, and French brioche (which we think is the best burger bun!). 

by the way, how do you know if brioche burgers are for you? 

1) burgers are already your specialty
2) new things excite you
3) summer is your favorite time of year


painting a summer picture

A cool summer breeze rustles through the backyard, the sun still high in the sky on these long seasonal days. You have everything prepared for the barbeque and laid out on the table. The condiments sit in the middle waiting to be squeezed and add a nice touch of red and yellow to the presentation. An array of toppings are lined up and ready to be passed around for everyone’s personal customization. Melted cheese blankets some of the steaming, freshly grilled hamburgers. But getting handed around the table first are lightly toasted, golden-brown brioche bread buns. Now, the feast begins.

bakerly brioche buns can… 

4) help turn your backyard burger into a restaurant quality dish for the family
5) keep your kids full thus making your life easier
6) give mom the night off while dad cooks
7) split the atom


how can you elevate your burger?

When you can’t eat out or would rather stay home in the friendly confines of your own backyard (perhaps with friends), you can still bring restaurant quality to your home. We aren’t going to tell you what you should put between the buns of your cheeseburger. But we do think you might want to reconsider using that plain old white bread bun!

Brioche bread makes the best burger bun with just the perfect combination of taste and texture (and according to internet polls, brioche is the best bun out there)! Brioche burger buns are very soft and lightly sweetened, with a golden tone and rounded shape. Our “out of this world buns” are excellent for burgers, but also elevate any kind of sandwich to the next level. However you like our buns, we are sure you will be more than satisfied!

bakerly brioche buns can (continued)… 

8) make other dads in your circle jealous
9) induce a whirlwind of positive emotions
10) make the day last longer
11) bring your family together


want to know how to put our buns to use?

Sometimes, we all need the inspiration to get going (or grilling)! Since brioche buns have a place sandwiching more than just burgers, we thought you might like it if we gave you a few other ideas.

what can you make with our brioche buns? 

12) breakfast sandwiches
13) burgers (duh!)
14) sloppy joe’s
15) bbq pulled pork/chicken sandwich
16) blackened/spicy chicken sandwich
17) fish sandwich


We’re always on the lookout for more recipes. If you have another sandwich for our buns, send us a note at and it could be added to our featured list!

What other kinds of buns are there? We did the work for you. Check out our bun synopsis here, where we explain the pros and cons of every bun possibility! But remember, brioche is the best burger bun 🙂

If you're in the mood to try some burger recipes, here's the classic brioche burger for a classic brioche lover, but there's also the homemade mushroom brioche burger, or even the shiitake-bean veggie burger. Let us know which one you prefer!

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