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take a different bread approach with french brioche!

take a different bread approach with french brioche!

In this article, we’ll teach you the basics of brioche by answering several questions.

Here at bakerly, our artisan bakers hand-make several varieties of French brioche bread.

If you’re reading this, you might be thinking, “what exactly is brioche, and why is it different from other varieties of bread?”

Many people are unaware of brioche and the possibilities it can offer. If that is you, we’re here to help. Allow us to provide an explanation as to why we think brioche can be considered one of the best kinds of bread in the world!

by the way, how do you know if bakerly brioche is for you? 

 1. if you want the best brioche in the world
2. if you want a snack that your kids will love
3. if you've been looking to add a touch of France into your life

Brioche is a kind of “viennoiserie,” a family of baked goods with a richer and sweeter taste, almost like a pastry. One thing we think parents and youngsters can agree on is that pastries are scrumptious. But since it isn’t actually a pastry, you don’t have to treat it like one by reserving it for special occasions only.

what makes brioche different from other varieties of bread?

part of it is ingredients…

The main difference between brioche and standard bread lies in the ingredients (you can find all of our brioches here. Just click on a product for a list of ingredients). Brioche’s higher egg and butter content is its trademark and gives the loaf a richer, buttery taste and softer texture
than standard loaf bread you might find in the supermarket bread aisle.

part of it is the baking process…

Baking a brioche utilizes a unique and rigorous baking technique that takes time (as do so many tasty foods!). Luckily, our bakers have plenty of “savoir-faire,” French for “know-how,” and have perfected the art of baking brioche bread.

Before initial baking, the dough is pushed down before being allowed to rise. Repeating this process allows for the
full flavors of the ingredients to develop and fill the loaf, and eventually your taste buds! A light coating of egg wash is applied right before baking, a step that helps accentuate the taste of the brioche as well as give the loaf an attractive golden-brown color.

The result of the longer, special process is a more flavorful bread. Let’s all say it together now- “yummmmm.”

our brioche can 

  1. become your new favorite bread
  2. help make your life better as a whole
  3. give you something to do when your computer freezes

A brief history of brioche

Brioche is a bread of French origin that was first developed early in the 15th century. Everything was done by hand all of those years ago, from lighting the wood-burning oven to mixing the dough. Speaking of ovens, here’s an interesting look at the development of ovens throughout history.

Brioche continued to grow in popularity with the introduction of the Viennese Bakery in 1839. Since its conception some 600 years ago, brioche bread has undergone improvements over time by generations of bakers resulting in the process and ingredients that are used today.

our brioche can (continued) 

  1. get you and your loved one in the right mood
  2. keep your kids full so you can worry less
  3. make your homemade French toast better than it probably already is

eating brioche: recipes

Once you have the best brioche on earth all to yourself we think you will find it to be one versatile bread! Part of its versatility is its excellent use as a burger bun. When it comes to eating brioche, we wanted to do some of the work for you — since we know you’re very busy — and provide some ideas for your pleasurable consumption. All of the recipes below can be found on our recipe page!

  • Top a few slices of toasted brioche with figs. It’s awesome (and very European)!
  • Make a delicious croque madame, another French classic. If you like eggs and cheese, this recipe is for you.
  • Okay, want to talk about classics? We can talk about French onion soup with brioche all day…however our suggestion is to stop talking about it and start eating!
  • We’ll continue on the classic theme here while reinventing it at the same time. French toast might never be the same again after you make it with our brioche. And that’s a great thing!

our brioche can (continued)…

  1. provide you more opportunities to entertain guests at your home
  2. help you buy real estate in an imaginary place
  3. become your bff


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  • Thirsty Eli
    Thirsty Eli

    I love your products and wondering is the “Euro Classic” bakery products the same as Bakerly?

    I wish I could find more of your items, but I find euro Classic more, and the chocolate croissants seem to be the same. Your pancakes rock and wish you offered a 12 pack!

    January 13, 2020
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