brioche rolls “meatball sub”

brioche rolls “meatball sub” | bakerly
Bakerly Pictos Prep Time

Prep time

5-10 minutes
Bakerly Pictos Cook Time

Cook time

15-20 minutes
Bakerly Pictos Serving Size


2 people

Hey there foodies! It’s been a week and you all know it’s time for a new recipe on the mooo news! This week, how about a brioche meatball sub (or a version of it)? Here’s the recipe made with our tasty brioche rolls. Let us know what you think!


    • 2 bakerly brioche rolls
    • 6 meatballs
    • 4 green onions chopped
    • 2 slices of white onion chopped
    • 3/4 cup of grated cheddar cheese
    • Sprinkles of oregano


    1. First off, in a frying pan, bring the onions and garlic to a goldish color and soft texture with a sip of olive oil. When you’ve reached the desired texture set them aside.
    2. Then, you’re going to bake the meat balls in the oven following the instructions on their packaging.
    3. Once they’re cooked, place the brioche rolls on a metal baking plate and add the meat balls. Then, add the garlic and onions. To top it all off, add the grated cheese.
    4. Place in the oven and let them toast until the cheese has melted.
    5. Your final step is to enjoooy!
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