jumbo shrimps on French brioche baguette

jumbo shrimps on French brioche baguette

Now there's a combination we had never tried! Shrimps on avocado; surprisingly it was delicious. We've decided to share our culinary success with you. Below, you will find the recipe for this amazing soft brioche baguette recipe. Let us know what you think!

    Bakerly Pictos Prep Time

    Prep time:
    5 minutes

    Bakerly Pictos Cook Time

    Cook time:
    20 minutes

    Bakerly Pictos Serving Size

    1 person


    • 1/2 bakerly soft brioche baguette toasted
    • 4 shrimps
    • 1 avocado mashed
    • 1 handful arugula
    • 1/4 lemon
    • 1 1/2 tbsp olive oil
    • 1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
    • 1 sprinkle turmeric
    • 1 sprinkle provence herbs


    1. First things first, mash the avocado to make it a spread. If you need to, add extra olive oil to make it to your liking. Add the balsamic vinegar, lemon and mix.
    2. Toast the soft brioche baguette.
    3. Cook the shrimps in a sauce pan with some onions and garlic (if you have, it enhances the taste, but it tastes perfectly good without). Once they are cooked, sprinkle with turmeric and provence her
    4. Spread the avocado mix on the baguette, select your finest shrimps and add them to the feast.
    5. The last part of this recipe is to enjoy and let us know what you think of this one.

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    the soft brioche baguette


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