the French brioche salmon burger

the French brioche salmon burger | bakerly
Bakerly Pictos Prep Time

Prep time

10 minutes
Bakerly Pictos Cook Time

Cook time

20 minutes
Bakerly Pictos Serving Size


2 people

Now here’s a burger you don’t eat everyday! The French brioche salmon burger, delicate, yet very tasteful. We’ve taken our refined French brioche burger bun and filled it with wild Atlantic salmon. The bun’s softness mixed with the sturdiness of the fish brings out the “gourmet” style of the actual burger.


    • 2 bakerly burger bun
    • 7/8 cup fresh Atlantic salmon
    • 1 cucumber
    • 1/2 onion chopped
    • 2 tbsp tzatziki
    • Coriander sprinkled


    1. First off, you need to toast both sides of the bun to your liking.
    2. Then, proceed with preparing all of your ingredients. This means cutting the cucumber into thin slices, chopping the onion to your liking and of course don't forget to get the coriander ready.
    3. Cook the salmon to your taste (although we do recommend to have it medium-rare), add seasoning (salt, pepper, rosemary if you're into that) and then cut it into small pieces so that it fits on the bun.
    4. Add the tzatziki, then the slices of cucumber and top it all with a sprinkle of coriander!
    5. Close your burger and enjoooy!
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