soft brioche baguette avocado sandwich with microgreens

soft brioche baguette avocado sandwich with microgreens | bakerly
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Prep time

15 minutes
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Cook time

no cooking needed
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1 person

In this one we bring to you the taste of microgreens with your soft brioche baguette recipe! There's avocado, tomatoes and delicious cream cheese. Blending these ingredients together with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil is simply the tastiest!

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    • 1 bakerly soft brioche baguette
    • 1/2 an avocado sliced
    • 1 heirloom tomato sliced
    • cream cheese to your liking
    • a handful of microgreens
    • 1 tbsp of chopped chives
    • a drizzle of olive oil
    • salt & pepper


    1. First off, you're going to want to toast both sides of your soft brioche baguette.
    2. Then, spread the cream cheese evenly on both sides of the brioche bread.
    3. After that, place your sliced avocado on the bottom part of the baguette.
    4. Add the microgreens, and top it all with the tomato slices. Sprinkle salt & pepper to your liking and add a drizzle of olive oil.
    5. Et voila! You're ready to eat. Enjoooy!
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