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Valentine's Day with bakerly snacks | bakerly
Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? This year it’s going to be yummylicious! Yes, we clearly just invented that word because why not! Our bakerly snacks turn out to be the perfect fit to make that one person happy.You know...
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5 easy snacks for Super Bowl 2020
On February 2nd, 2020, beautiful Miami, Florida is hosting, you guessed it, THE Super Bowl! Yes, the Super Bowl LIV (54) will be in our backyard this year and we’re planning on watching it.
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a day specially for crêpes! | bakerly
If there’s one special day we all adore at bakerly it’s the Chandeleur. It’s the day where we all get to eat crêpes at the office. Who wouldn’t like to eat crêpes all day?!
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