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French onion soup | bakerly
French onion soup is the best thing to ever come from France. Other than brioche; and crepes; and pancakes. You get the idea! Many delicious foods come from France and French onion soup is no exception. Is it as good as brioche bread and crepes? You'll have to try this recipe and decide for yourself!
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banh-mi beef sandwich | bakerly
Beef! “it’s what’s for dinner,” said one decade’s old ad. Today, you can have beef and brioche bread for dinner! It’s a great combo in our opinions, which is why we featured it here! Banh-mi is Vietnamese for “bread,” or more specifically, an airy baguette, making it a French-Vietnamese combination. Here, we took a French brioche baguette and paired it with mouth-watering beef and vegetables for a sandwich that has it all…sweet, savory, and a little veggie crunch. What’s that? oh, it’s just the sandwich calling your name!
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viennese vegetarian sandwich | bakerly
Want to eat a sandwich but need to watch the calories? We have you taken care of. This european-inspired viennese vegetarian sandwich packs all the flavor you’d expect with a sandwich, without any of the guilt. Fresh veggies and delectable French brioche bread. It may be a perfect match.
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