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French pancakes to-go fruit tacos | bakerly
These French pancake to-go fruit tacos are about to become a regular at you breakfast table! They are perfect for Lazy Sundays, breakfasts in bed, or to surprise your loved ones with a twist on regular stacked pancakes! 
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raspberry & cream hand braided brioche | bakerly
Our delicious and delicate hand braided brioche pairs perfectly with raspberry jelly, whipped cream, and fresh raspberries! This elegant recipe is so tasty and very easy to make. Serve it with a side of fresh tea or coffee and voila!
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hand braided brioche French toast cups | bakerly
These bakerly hand braided brioche French toast cups have all of the goodness of a French toast but chopped into small pieces and baked up in muffin cups. The single serving size makes them perfect for serving quickly to the whole family.
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brioche pumpkin French toast | bakerly
These irresistible air-fried, brioche pumpkin French toast sticks are so tasty, quick and easy to make. Each bite is filled with cinnamon, sugar, & just the right amount of pumpkin! Try this recipe with our hand braided brioche, it’s yummy and buttery flavor is ideal for the best-ever French toasts!

Delicious, easy and dreamy!
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sunbutter & jelly brioche sandwich | bakerly
Calling all pb&j lovers! Give the classic recipe a twist with our yummy sliced brioche sunbutter and jelly sandwich! This delicious and unique recipe is sure to become a new lunchbox classic. All you need for this easy and yummy recipe is sunflower butter, jam or jelly (choose what your taste buds prefer) and a toaster (optional). Bon appétit!
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