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Paris Hilton’s Frosted Flake French toast | bakerly
For our latest recipe, we took a page out of Paris Hilton’s new cookbook and Netflix show “Cooking with Paris” and recreated her iconic Frosted Flakes French Toast! In her very first episode, she takes on the kitchen with her BFF Kim Kardashian and it’s no surprise that brioche is their go-to bread for making the most “beyond” French Toast!
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French onion burger | bakerly
The French have a word for it: "bonheur"! Bite into "happiness" with the delicious taste of our French brioche burger recipe. All the flavors of your favorite soup, but in a burger!
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parmesan crisp brioche burger | bakerly

Elevate your usual 4th of July burgers with these unique parmesan crisp burger bowls! They are made with a crispy cheese bowl, loaded with tender beef; all topped with buttery brioche burger buns.

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